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In Remembrance of Edward Keaton Mack III


Dear Keaton,

You taught me what true brotherhood means. Since the day you snuck your way into my life, your place was solidified as one of the most thorough and caring people I have ever met. I want to thank you for the lessons you taught me unknowingly. What may seem small to others is what meant the most to me. In summer of 2014 we spent almost every day in the gym working on our game, lifting weights, and pushing each other. We both grew in our fitness tremendously that summer and I know for sure I could not have done it alone. You taught me the power of true companionship, and how rare it is to find. Your genuine actions towards me opened my eyes to see how powerful working together to achieve  common goals can be. You are the reason for Ace Grind. I pray that through this company, I am able to show a glimpse of what your spirit means to me. To my best friend and brother, may you continue to rest peacefully.


Ace  #E4K #LLK

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